Mayraki Professional: Growing A Vegan Hair Care Brand Through PR

Mayraki Professional: Growing A Vegan Hair Care Brand Through PR

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The Brief

Mayraki Professional combines the art of beauty with the essence of nature. Their philosophy is rooted in the power of nature's finest ingredients. They've harnessed the potency of plant-based extracts, botanical oils, and sustainable ingredients to create hair care formulations that deliver results beyond expectations. 

As a committed vegan brand, Mayraki Professional has set its sights on transforming the hair care industry with cruelty-free and sustainable products. Their innovative formulas, backed by extensive research, cater to diverse hair types and concerns, making them a go-to choice for conscious consumers seeking premium hair care.

While Mayraki Professional had an impressive lineup of products and a core ethos that resonated with conscious consumers, they recognized the need to extend their brand's reach and impact. This is where G&V Public Relations stepped in with a strategic vision to elevate the brand’s awareness.

Continuous Brand Growth

The G&V Public Relations team embarked on a comprehensive strategy that harnessed our expertise in public relations and deep understanding of the beauty and wellness industry. The primary objective was to spotlight Mayraki Professional's unique selling points while aligning with the brand's values and media news cycle.

Our team leveraged their established relationships with key media outlets in the beauty and lifestyle sectors. Through compelling press releases, engaging pitches, and expertly crafted media kits, we positioned Mayraki Professional as a leading force in the vegan hair care domain.

Positioning Mayraki Professional's founders and experts as thought leaders within the vegan beauty industry was a core aspect of the strategy. G&V Public Relations secured opportunities for them to contribute guest articles and expert opinions to reputable industry publications, reinforcing the brand's authority.

Harnessing the power of affiliate marketing, we managed to connect Mayraki Professional with key influencers and publishers in the beauty sector, securing more publications about the brand. Apart from that, we explored additional promotional channels, from event sponsorships to TV placements, all contributing to increased brand visibility.

As a result, the brand garnered significant media coverage across top-tier beauty and lifestyle publications, reaching millions of potential customers. Mayraki Professional's experts are now recognized voices in the industry, contributing to numerous articles. Media placement highlights include features in Forbes, Marie Claire, Daily Star, Woman & HomeMane Addicts, DailyMom, Glossy, Healthline, Beauty Launchpad, GirlTalkHQ, Well + Good, Woman’s World, Giddy, WGN TV, Beauty and Hairdressing, print placements in BELLA and VegOut magazines, and many others.

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