CRUMP: Launching the World’s First Hemp-Based Meat

CRUMP: Launching the World’s First Hemp-Based Meat

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April 2022


The Naturist


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The Brief

In 2022, Estonian sustainable food brand The Naturist launched their flagship product: Crump™, the world’s first hemp-based meat. This extraordinary creation was born out of an unwavering commitment to crafting a nourishing, planet-friendly meat alternative that would not only cater to the well-being of humanity but also align harmoniously with the environmental needs of our cherished planet. To produce a healthy meat alternative for the earth and its inhabitants, The Naturist has partnered with a research facility that has dedicated the past two decades to developing the perfect formula for hemp-based vegan meat.

What sets hemp apart in this remarkable narrative is its unparalleled nutritional prowess. As a compelling substitute for traditional meat in the realm of vegan diets, hemp brings a staggering array of nutritional benefits to the table. Emanating strength from its plant-based origins, Crump™ is graced with a bountiful 54% pure, unadulterated protein – a testament to the potential of harnessing nature's offerings for sustenance. Equally significant is its pristine profile of 0% trans fats, aligning seamlessly with the aspirations of health-conscious consumers.

Sold as dry granules, Crump™ can be used in the same ways as minced meat. Crump™ has a neutral taste, enabling it to take on the flavor profile of various seasonings and spices, making it a healthy base for tacos, 'meatballs,' lasagne, and more.

The Naturist commissioned G&V Public Relations to create a bespoke PR launch strategy to support their one-month-long launch campaign on IndieGoGo, break through the noise, introduce the product to the market, and secure strategic media placements. 

Crafting Impact

Embarking on a journey that resonates with innovation, The Naturist proudly ushered in a new era with the remarkable debut of CRUMP™. Recognizing the power of community and collective action, The Naturist strategically chose a crowdfunding platform, IndieGogo, as the launchpad for CRUMP™. This decision was not just about raising funds; it was about engaging a community of forward-thinkers and passionate advocates who shared the vision of a healthier, more eco-friendly world.

G&V Public Relations was tasked with conveying The Naturist’s message and mission through PR storytelling and strategic media placements across several markets: the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, and Poland.

We knew that CRUMP™ wasn't just a product; it was a statement, a symbol of conscious consumption. With this understanding, we strategically positioned CRUMP™ in front of media outlets, influencers, and opinion leaders who held the power to amplify its impact.

Throughout an intensive month-long campaign, our efforts bore fruit as media coverage was published across diverse markets and media outlets, securing multiple interviews for The Naturist founders and helping them reach an IndieGogo funding goal ahead of time. 

The coverage highlights include features in VegWorld Magazine, The Beet, Food Navigator,, Brutkasten, Vegconomist, The Foodtech and Agronegocios.

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